3. Features

  • Use any combination of selectors like id, name, text, css etc to perform actions on elements with one line of code
  • Automate and test pages loaded dynamically by JavaScript
  • Click any button or link without having to worry about finding the element first or knowing css_selectors, xpath etc.
  • Smart scoring algorithm which finds the best matching elements on which you want to perform the action
  • Automation designed to work even in case of webpages with dynamically changing id and classname
  • Immensely minimizes the code required for performing input actions like clicks and keyboard actions
  • Get webpage source, cookies, total tabs, webpage title etc.
  • Simulate key presses and special key combinations
  • Bidirectional scrolling
  • Perform an action on webpage elements by applying various filters to select the elements
  • Perfrom action on multiple elements at once
  • If certain elements don’t have text or visible property, then use either their id, class, css_selector, xpath, tag etc.
  • The entire automation process can be made without having to open the browser window i.e in the background as a console process (see docs for more details)

For further features and functionalities see the Library Documentation.